Simple. Elegant. Secure. Never lose a password again.

Pitbull Wallet

What is the Pitbull Wallet?

What it isWhat it isn't
A keychain for your passwords An authentication device
A cold storage solution for your digital wallets A credit card
A way to create reusable gift cards A debit card
A way to backup passwords A networked device
Secure Remotely exploitable

Think of it as keychain. But digital. And instead of being used to hold the keys to your house or your car, it holds your passwords, digital wallets and other pieces and bits of information.

The Pitbull Wallet is a credit card sized device - but NOT a credit or debit card - for you to safely store your passwords, your cryptocoin wallets and other sets of public/private keys. You will be able to store multiple wallets for multiple types of cryptocoins - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Novacoin, Feathercoin, ... even Dogecoin... (Wow... much safe... very crypto). It is the simplest thing. You don't even need an app for it!

A lot of people complain about being hard to recall passwords, since nowadays we have so many to remember. By using the Pitbull Wallet, you can store them all in one device and use one single password to unlock any of them.

There is also a lot of discussion about how to store digital wallets. By using the Pitbull Wallet, you can store them safer than leaving them in your PC, where they are more prone to being stolen by malware or any other type of digital break-in.

Using it

You can use the embedded keyboard to add the data to it. We chose to allow only the keyboard for entering data in order to make it safer. Have we added a different type of interface, like RFID or NFC, it would mean that it might become accessible remotely. And you don't want that. So, it was a design choice to make a tradeoff between convenience and security. Besides, storing passwords is something you'll do once for each. Then you can access them as many times as you need.

Your public addresses, public keys and usernames will be easily visible, you just have to navigate through the ones you stored.

Pitbull Wallet Press 3
Pitbull Wallet Press 2
Pitbull Wallet
Your passwords and private keys will be encrypted using a single password that you can enter using the embedded keyboard when you need to access them.
Pitbull Wallet Press 8
Pitbull Wallet Press OK
Pitbull Wallet

You can use it with your smartphone, with your tablet, with your computer's webcam or with a QR-Code scanner.

Pitbull Wallet
You can use it to store your own wallets, to make reusable gift cards, to store public and private keys, to store passwords and even for other uses we haven't yet thought about. Then, you can keep it in your pocket, in your wallet, in your vault, or in a safe deposit box at a bank.
Pitbull Wallet
You can use it as a primary store or as a backup. You can Make them SAFE by SAVING them in a SAFE.

Why the Pitbull Wallet?

If you have lots of passwords and or cryptocurrency, you need it. But don't take just our word for it. We took the liberty of gathering just a few references for you:

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Some of you feel safer storing your dollars under the mattress. Or in your safe. Maybe a bank's safe deposit box. Or under the pillow.
You need to feel safe, you need to make sure that your coins are secure and inaccessible from less trustworthy individuals.

The safest wallet is the one that is kept offline. You could print it, but a piece of paper is easily destroyed with use. You could keep it in an offline computer, but are you willing to have a computer just for offline use?

Why not a more convenient and practical way? Why not store it digitally as well, but accessible and safe at the same time?

Why "Pitbull"?

Dogs are always thought of as the "man's best friend" and Pitbulls are the usual iconic representation of their protective nature.

The technology

Pitbull Wallet

This device has an e-paper screen which displays your addresses and keys both in text and in a QR-Code that you can use with your phone, your tablet or your computer's webcam. A small numeric keyboard below the screen allows you to control the card - adding new wallets and passwords, browsing current ones, maybe even perform some quick calculations or conversions.

How long does it last?

The card has an embedded battery that lasts for a long time. From the manufacturer's specs, it can last up to five years with moderate use, approximately three years in typical usage. After that, your card needs replacing if you plan on using it untethered - the battery cannot be replaced because it is embedded into the card. But don't worry, you won't lose your data! You will only lose the ability to use the card's screen without an external power supply. Before you think on how bad it is that it can't be recharged and that it lasts "only" three to five years, think on the amount of functionality you get out of something so small!

If the battery dies, you can still access your data by using a very simple external power supply. Soon after we start shipping the cards, we will also make available a simple and cheap connector for that. So simple and so practical that you can carry it in your pocket with your card.

How safe is it?

The only safe thing is the one that is inaccessible. We're betting on that principle so that your stuff stays inaccessible.

Of course, if your card gets misplaced and a less noble third party finds it, or if you get stolen, he or she will try to access it. But to really be able to dig something out of the card, a person would need access to very specialized and extremely expensive equipment. And even then, it is unlikely they would be able to dig something out of it. If that person, however, atempts to unlock the card by continuously trying different codes (the so called brute force attack), they wouldn't go very far. After the fifth failed attempt, the card would go into a locked mode that would disable it. To unlock it after, you will need a very large code, that you should keep safe. It's like the PUK in the SIM cards.

What if someone steals it?

If you get stolen, the same thing as above may happen. However, if you get stolen immediately after inputing your regular password, the other ones will be safe, because you need to input your main password every time you want to read another. Each time you unlock a password or a wallet, it will only show for 15 seconds and then becomes locked again.

Nothing is safe from being stolen, it's a fact, but this may help you reduce the chances of that happening.

What if someone points a gun at me so that I give him or her the code?

That could happen, it's true. But it's more likely they'll go after your bank ATM card first than your Pitbull Wallet.

Project status

The design is not yet final and features may still change a little. At the moment we are negotiating with the factory but, to do so, we need to have a clearer picture of the market.


There isn't much to open, really. The device is fairly simple and a lot of the IP belongs to our manufacturing partner, so we can't leave much to the public. The designs for the external power supply will be opensourced.

Hopefully, if we get there, posterior generations of the card will have additional features and expanded interfaces for connecting with other devices. Then we'll make the communications API as open as possible so that you can develop your own software to use the card.

I want one!

Getting yours

You can get yours by requesting making a donation through our campaign page at IndieGoGo. If you hurry, you'll be one of the few who'll be able to get it at a special price for early adopters. You can get one or a whole pack and even customize them!

Get yours at our campaign page above and if you're feeling generous, you can leave extra tips as well.

Getting Personal

"Great news, everyone!", a character dear of us all would say. Yes, you can personalize your card. Later, after the campaign is finished, you will be able to send us a picture that we'll put on the back your card.
Pitbull Wallet >> Pitbull Wallet
You can also put your company logo or anything reasonable you like.

Costs, manufacturing and shipping

Is it expensive?

We don't think so. Most of us who have debit cards pay about $15-$25 per year just for that privilege and up to twice as much for a VISA or MasterCard credit card, depending on your bank and limit. We are asking for $25 for a card with a battery which lasts for three to five years and that can still be used even if the internal battery is depleted.

In order for the card manufacturing to go ahead, we need to achieve a minimum order volume defined by our manufacturing partner, as well as to pay for the initial R&D costs and all the logistics behind this project. We cannot order just a few dozens and, besides, the bigger the order, the cheaper it will be for everyone. We need to achieve a minimum order of 6000 cards to go forward. And yes, we are aware it is a very difficult goal.

Pitbull Wallet

And if the goal is not met?

If the IndieGoGo funding goal is not met, well, in that case, you will not get your card. But you will also get your money back. So, no harm there. There are a lot of things that can go wrong at any time, we will not paint a pretty picture telling you everything will be ok. A meteor might hit the factory. Someone may steal the idea and flood the market. But not meeting the funding goal is the least of our concerns. We're more concerned on, if we do meet the goal, providing you with the best product possible.

Funding stages

First stage: $150k

The base $150k will allow us to order an initial batch of cards and pay for all associated costs. As said above, we are bound by a minimum order size of 6000 units.

Second stage: $200k

An additional $50k will allow us to invest more of ours and the manufacturer's time in R&D to improve the card and give it additional functionalities (in-card calculator and currency conversion, better interface, additional means to exchange data with the card, etc). This may even allow us to offer you the power adapter.

Manufacturing is expected to begin May or June 2014 and shipping August 2014, according to the manufacturer. Delays are possible, but we'll do our best to ship your gift to you as soon as possible.


At the moment we cannot promise to offer the shipping fee as the cost per card depends heavily on the order volume. If the initial batch is big enough and drives the price down sufficiently, we will offer the shipping fee. If that goal is achieved, we will warn you on our website, Facebook, Blog, Twitter...

What else will the funding be used for? Well, if we end up in the green (and let's hope so), the remaining funds will be used to boost other research projects at our institution, which includes future generations of the Pitbull Wallet. Some of them might even get to be here on IndieGoGo as well, when they are mature enough.

The Team

This project is the product of the work of a team of very dedicated volunteers at the Onda Technology Institute.

Meet the people

João Paredes
Team Daddy
Cláudia Freitas
Team Mommy
Development, IT
Daniel Paiva
Development, Logistics
Bruno Gonçalves
Development, Testing
Alexandre Silva
Development, Testing
Emanuel Melo
Graphics artist


If you have any questions, please check the IndieGoGo campaign first to see if any of your questions has already been answered. If not, please first ask your questions there but if we're taking too long or they're unsuitable for public display, redirect them here:

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